We have been working for promoting Health and preventing ailments with Yogic, Ayurvedic and other alternative health care methods for the last 31 years. Our principal aim is to educate people in the methods of self-help with right lifestyle, in home-remedies and in preventive medicine. We are spreading this education throughout the world through books and education.

We have special ties with Europe for educating people and publishing our books in various European languages. We educate you to change your lifestyle in order to enhance your energy, de-fatigue yourself and prevent ailments. We also educate students the world over to become Ayurvedic Assistant. We provide you simple solutions for complicated problems. Remember nobody can heal you better than you yourself with proper knowledge.

Our Motto

'The first priority of life is life itself'

Therefore, do not delay! Time to invest in your health is NOW,
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NOW or The New Way Health Organisation was founded
by Dr. Vinod Verma in Germany in 1986.

While working in the advance research in Germany after her education in Paris and training at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda (USA), Dr Verma realised that we are investing all our resources and energy to do research in disease and not health. With erred lifestyle, consumption of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and preservatives in our food, we are accumulating slow doses of poisons each day. Our bodies are getting remote from the natural processes and young people, who should look youthful, vigorous and beautiful, look fatigued and complain of headaches and backaches. They are suffering from pimples and acnes.

The New Way Health Organization, called NOW is based on the holistic principles of Yoga, Ayurveda and other natural methods of healing for promoting health, preventing ailments, and for enhancing the quality of life and longevity. Learn to live with the rhythm of nature, adopt simple Ayurvedic and Yogic methods and be responsible to maintain your health and enhance your vigour and beauty.

Do something for your health NOW, do not wait until it is too late.

Now's Aim

Our aim is to provide you a knowledge base so that you can take a right action for keeping robust health full of vitality and energy!
The great sage of Ayurveda, Charaka wrote 2600 years ago that all kinds of problems begin due to pragya aparadha or intellectual error.
We commit this error due to three reasons:

  1. Lack of knowledge (dhi)
  2. Lack of restraint (dhriti)
  3. Lack of retention (smriti)

Due to lack of knowledge, we perform actions which harm us or administrators take decisions which harm a nation or the world.
The second reason to perform harmful actions is due to lack of restraint or self control (for example eating junk food or over-eating).
Thirdly, we make errors because we forget about the right path.

Our aim is to provide you knowledge about health and well being through books, articles, lectures, workshops, training, distant learning programme (teaching through Internet), long term education through our Charaka School of Ayurveda.

Now's Objective

Our research and practical experience show that the methods of Ayurveda and yoga are simple, easy to adapt, truly holistic, extremely cost effective and provide a solution to our modern day problems.
It is time we stop thinking that our health problems are due to the malfunctioning of our body machine.
It is time we realise that many of our health problems come from the following factors:

  • A general sense of dissatisfaction.
  • Imbalance in our social and familial interactions.
  • Lack of satisfaction due to status or material possessions.
  • Lack of wisdom about time and space.
  • A dichotomised and paradoxical social organisation.
  • Our indifference to ourselves.
  • Errors in nourishing and not following the principles of food culture.

Thus, holistic way of living or pathya means to include all these aspects of our existence in our health programmes or simply in our way of life.
Our objectives are to enhance your quality of life by dealing with the above factors simultaneously, to prevent ailments and to teach you to treat your minor health problems with home remedies.

Message from NOW

Stay in tune with the Natural Rhythm ACT NOW; DO NOT DELAY

The time to invest in your health is NOW...
so that you become later.
A person who is old and wise and...
not the one who is old and senile.
Gush with Energy and life...
like the Ganga and the Rhine.
The space is yours, the cosmos is yours
breathe in deep the healthy air.
Let the sun shine in you...
remain cool like water...
and stable like earth...for
without good health...
the world comes to an end for you...
the first priority in life should be
to safeguard life.
Take care of this temple of soul...
for it is holiest of holy!